About Us

Gram Oorja was established on 24th April, 2008 by 4 young entrepreneurs, who realised that sustainable energy in its various forms would become even more mainstream and would have an increasingly significant role to play in the rural context. Thus, during its initial years, Gram Oorja experimented with various aspects of renewable energy solutions in diverse parts of rural India, garnering, in the process, (a) understanding and experience of renewable energy technologies like solar and biogas, (b) experience of what would work and what would not, (c) a strong grassroots network in the rural heartland of India and (d) recognition among various government and non-government NGOs, universities in India and abroad (MNRE, ORF, Prayas Energy Group, GIZ, Princeton, Berkeley, to name a few). The core principle of all projects implemented or designed till now have been (a) sustainability of the projects and (b) captive use of the energy by the institution or community.

Our Philosophy

Energy is all around us in super-abundant quantities. Man's need for energy on tap is also growing. All that is required is the enabling of natural energy into forms that man can use. Gram Oorja is that enabler. Our philosophy is to provide sustainable energy to rural communities through our paradigms and systems in a manner that will allow these to run for decades

Hence our philosophy is similar to Lord Krishna's exhortation to Arjun, as explained in the Bhagwad Gita "Be only an instrument"

  • Education

  •  Electrification of rural schools enables computer usage and science laboratories
  •  Longer study hours for students after dark
  • Health

  •  Electrification of health centres allows them to use modern equipment and cold storage
  •  Filtered drinking water plants to mitigate water borne diseases
  •  Reduction in smoke related diseases due to firewood based cooking
  • Environment

  •  Reduced dependency on forest firewood.
  •  Nominal harmful greenhouse gas emissions due to the use of renewable energy.
  • Livelihood generation

  •  Irrigation for a second crop in many tribal areas
  •  Milk chillers and other conversion of raw material into more remunerative products
  • Women empowerment

  •  Cleaner, healthier and less cumbersome cooking systems with bio-gas
  •  Saves time, energy and money spent in getting firewood and kerosene
  •  Increases time for family and for productive cottage industries
  • Entertainment and Communication

  •  TVs and mobiles allow people to be connected

Our Vision

To achieve social good under a commercial framework, delivered with highest levels of ethics, integrity and professionalism

Our Mission

To focus on and act as a catalyst in commercializing on-the-ground viable renewable energy solutions for the rural sector and small-scale applications

It believes that rural energy needs can be fulfilled from local resources. This will lower the dependence of rural India on the large centralized power systems making them self sufficient with respect to their own electricity needs.

Key strengths

Market interaction across India - villages, plantations, ashrams, businesses, etc. enabled by relationships with grassroots networks in these areass

Team of employees and consultants - people familiar with end to end process from surveys , project execution to operations and maintenance

Willingness to work in geographically difficult markets

Relationships with key stakeholders - NGOs/Government bodies such as MNRE, IREDA, NABARD etc

Design and implementation capabilities in different renewable technologies suitable for off-grid solutions especially solar PV and bio-gas


Sameer Nair, Director, is an IIMB graduate with 18 years combined experience in rural electrification, banking, software and investment banking

Anshuman Lath, Director, is an IIMB and IIT graduate with 17 years experience working in rural electrification, SMEs, tribal education organisations and investment banking

Prasad Kulkarni, Technical head, is M. Tech in Energy Systems with 9 years of experience in energy conservation and in rural electrification

Sudhindra Nath Chatterjee, is an engineer with 31 years in the software industry. Has headed the CSR activities of a large multinational

Anant Kawade, is M. Tech in Heat Power Engineering with 3 years of combined experience in teaching and bio-gas projects implementation

Kiran Auti, is a technologist in Bio gas projects with 4 years of experience and mainly focuses on projects implementation.

Ashish Kulkarni, is a B.E. graduate with 4 years of experience in rural electrification, mainly focuses on Designing, project development & execution

Sumeet Sutar , is a B.E. graduate with 4 years of experience in rural electrification, mainly focuses on Designing, project development & execution.

Ashish Kumar Singh, is a B. Tech graduate with 2.5 years of experience in rural electrification, mainly focuses on Designing & project execution

Part time members include Ganesh Shenoy and Ashutosh, field experts with over 25 years each in the social sector

Priyam Kakoti Bora, is M. Tech in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management, focuses on project development

Shreyas Bhalerao, is B.E. graduate, focuses on rural electrification project execution

Shubham Shekhar, is B.E. graduate, focuses on rural electrification project execution

Rahul Karekar,is a graduate with 4 years of experience in bio-gas projects implementation