Gram Oorja has implemented biogas cooking grid at Gawaliwada for 14 households as a demonstration project. Gawaliwada is a village located at Mulshi block of Pune district, Maharashtra. Dairy farming is main occupation of the villagers.

  • The size of Biogas plant is 20 Cu. m and gas storage capacity at the site is 30 Cu. m.
  • Generated biogas is passed through the scrubber to remove Hydrogen Sulphide from the gas. Biogas is boosted with blower and passed to the main gas grid.
  • Bio-gas is transported to around 500 m from project site. Each consumer is provided with the gas flow meter. The tariff is set for usage of bio-gas.
  • The local energy committee, namely Kalbhairav Oorja Samiti, collects the amount for monthly usage, which is used for operation and maintenance of the plant.

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