During the past 10 years, diesel and electricity prices have been steadily increasing. Further, some locations are so remote that there is no grid connectivity and hence no 3 phase power for running pumps. Where grid connectivity is provided, the supplied grid voltage is often too low to run a pump. Villagers running diesel based pumps have to spend a whole day in procuring and transporting diesel. Additionally, distance between the village and the water source often necessitates grueling, frequent trips by women and children to draw water from the wells and carry it home. For example, women and children in many tribal villages and hamlets in Jawhar Taluka of Palghar District were required to walk up to 2 km every day to get water for their households.

In such scenarios solar water pumps are an ideal solution - they help save time, diesel / electricity costs, require little maintenance and have a long product life.

Gram Oorja offers solar pumping solutions for drinking, irrigation & commercial applications. It studies customer's water demands, site conditions like vertical head, water table, pipe length, etc. and provides optimal solutions. In grid connected villages, these pumps can also work on normal single phase grid when there is no solar irradiation. Pumping solutions range from 30-200 m head and water requirement of 3,000-1,00,000 litres per day. Gram Oorja prefers to install water flow meters to measure the actual quantity of water pumped daily.

1) Jawhar, Palghar

  Gram Oorja was commissioned by an NGO Pragati Pratishthan to install 43 solar pumping systems in different Padas (Small Hamlets) across Jawhar tehsil. The pump was sized adequately so as to provide the daily water requirement at the available head.

2) Keshav Srushti, Bhayandar

  Gram Oorja has installed a solar pump in Keshav Srushti in Bhayandar, Mumbai for irrigation purposes. Pump provides up to 80,000 litres per day at 10 m head.

3) Adoshi, Junnar

  Gram Oorja has installed a solar pump in a village Adoshi in Aajnawale Gram Panchayat, Junnar Tehsil, Pune District for domestic purposes.

4) Survani, Dhadgaon Maharashtra

  Gram Oorja has installed a 7.5 HP solar pump in a village Survani in Dhadgaon tehsil of Nandurbar district, Maharashtra with CInI for agricultural irrigation purpose.

5) Jhumkapatiya, Daitari, Odisha

  Gram Oorja has installed a 7.5 HP solar pump in a village Jhumkapatiya in Daitari tehsil of Kendujhar district, Odisha with CInI for agricultural irrigation purpose.