"Gram Oorja's more than 30 energy independence projects in remote villages in Maharashtra were the subject of a qualitative research I recently conducted. I am simply amazed at their commitment to the cause, not just of the founding team but also of every engineer employee of Gram Oorja. They have been laser focused on making a difference in the lives of thousands of underprivileged people living in the some of the most inaccessible regions. I had several opportunities to witness the villagers trust in Gram Oorja's team, which I found in my research was rare as the villagers were often skeptical about the involvement of outsiders. As a private social enterprise the organization emphasizes establishing a strong public-private- nonprofit partnership for a cluster of villages. This, together with grass roots ownership and engagement of the villagers, in my view, has become instrumental in ensuring long term sustainability of their solutions and the positive impact thereof. I wish Gram Oorja the best as they scale their solutions to hundreds and thousands of remote villages."

Aparna Katre - Assistant Professor of Cultural Entrepreneurship Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures / University of Minnesota Duluth, USA

"Last year you provided solar PV in our Igatpuri Boarding school for the 1st floor. We are very happy that all the teaching aids, computer are working on solar power. Hence it is of a great advantage to our hearing impaired students while learning their lessons. In Igatpuri, the power cut is there during the day time so this Solar is of great help. We wish you best of luck!"

Shitala Pandit - Managing Trustee,Punyatma Prabhakar Sharma Seva Mandal /Mumbai